Are you tired of stepping through the "revolving door" of online (or offline) businesses that always ends in failure? Have you lost more money than you've made in every business you've been a part of? Well, . . .

If You Are Finally Fed Up With Starting
Another Business Only To See It End In
Failure With No Customers and Less Money
In Your Bank Account Then You Have Finally Found The Solution That Will Turn Any Business
Into A Winner 100% Of The Time . . .

Dear Friend,

Did do you know that you have a 98% chance of failure each and every time you start a business?

Your upline or "friend" probably didn't tell you that when they introduced you to this business, did they?

In my first 3 years of joining every business "opportunity" I could find I had the following to show for it:

  • $62,489 in credit card debt
  • a NEGATIVE personal cash flow of $2,656 per month
  • and no greater idea of why I failed than in the 3 years prior!
Sounds successful, huh? Yeah, right!

But, despite it all I continued to do two important things. One, I kept focus on creating a business and I didn't quit because I knew that the great "American Dream" can be accomplished much more easily when you work for yourself and not for others. When you stop trading "hours worked" for "dollars earned" and learn to leverage yourself 10, 100, or 500 times again the amount of money you make per month can equal the amount of money you make per YEAR working for others.

Second, I added "one thing" to my business life that changed my world forever. I focused on this night and day and I read everything I could to make it a reality. I knew deep down that by changing this simple (but highly effective) part of my business model that I could "write my ticket" and make as much money and have as much time for my family as I wished.

And that brings us to my story . . .

So, what was the "one thing" that I did that changed my prior failures into imminent successes in a short period of time?

Did I finally find the hidden website, leads source or advertisement that turned it all around? Did I recruit a superstar in my downline that did all the work for me?


Did I find some "magical" online business that did all of the work for me?

Yeah, right!

It was a completely obvious principle that was staring me in the face every day that once applied, turned my business from a failure to a success almost instantly. Since applying it I can absolutely guarantee that every business I start will be a success!

During my first three years of working for myself I learned, and learned and learned everything I could. The problem however is that I was blinded by my "product" or my "offer" and I never realized why people weren't buying what I was selling!

Today, I can say with absolute certainty that . . .

If you start a business (online or offline) without
applying this "one thing" to your business plan there will be a 98% chance that you'll fail.

How can I be so certain?

Because EVERY great business starts with this "one thing" as their foundation and builds their empire on top of it. All failing businesses forget to start with this foundation and learn after it's far too late why their business crumbled. . . it was buit on a pile of sand!

Your business should be a means to the "end" and not the "end" itself!

Before I talk further about the "one thing" that changed my life forever I want to make sure you are in business for the right reason. Because if you aren't then you will also fail and nothing you learn from me will help.

If you are not starting a business to achieve at least one (and probably both) of the following two items then you will not treat this as a "marathon" and stay in it for the duration. Instead, you will look at it as a 100 yd. dash and if you don't see prosperity immediately you will fall away and say "see, I told you that I couldn't make money working for myself!".

The first reason you need to start a business is to make more money. I know, you just said "duh, why else would I start a business?". But, you'ld be surprised at how many people don't define this in their lives. And, by defining it I mean you need to say how much money you want to make and be specific - generalities are a path to failure.

The second reason you need to start a business is because you want more personal time. That's time for yourself or time for your family but the bottom line is that you want more of it than you are getting now working for others.

And, the truth is that if you are in business for six months or more and your business is NOT providing you time and money in return then I can guarantee you that you haven't applied the "one thing" to your business that all successful owners have. It's that simple, apply the principle and you will succeed. Avoid this key principle and you may get lucky for a period of time but your business will be built on a bed of sand and any strong wind will knock your house down.

The principle I teach will be the foundation
of every business you will start from this point on.
How do I know this?

Because you have two key problems that you face every time you start your business

Problem one: You are dealing with people and people are fickled. Whether you are talking about customers, workers or downline team members you will be dealing with personalities and motivations that are vastly different than yours. Only by applying the principles I teach can you overcome these differences and actually use them to your advantage by using the strengths of your team to create an even stronger foundation that you could do alone.

Problem two: Most people that join your business in the network marketing world will quit sometime between week one and week eight. So, how do you keep those people around long enough to monetize then and further, how do you grow your business by using their contacts in that eight week window of time?

So what is it that overcomes these two primary
problems and the dozens or so minor issues that
plague every business?

In a nutshell, it's YOU.

What I mean by that is that it is the YOU that you will become once you apply these principles to your business.

When you start every business with YOU
it is guaranteed to be a success . . .

. . . if you learn to be the type of person that people want to follow. You need to be a leader that applies specific principles to their business and then teaches others to do the same. If you don't you will fail each and every time.

Don't believe me? Then ask yourself this . . .

"What would McDonalds be without Ray Kroc?"

"How about Microsoft without Bill Gates?"

or, for you sports fans . . .

"What would the franchise (i.e. business) of the Chicago Bulls be without Michael Jordan?"

Every great success story has applied this "one thing" . . .

. . . and as a result they have succeeded greatly, without fail, each and every time.

So, do the principles you will learn work?

Yep, every time - as long as you are willing to act upon them and not just let them sit on your shelf. Every person who has applied these principles has made money in every venture they attempted. Those that didn't use these principles on their business? Well, they are no longer around to talk about it . . .

So, you now have a choice to make . . .

You can continue down the same path that you've been for the last couple of years or you can choose to do something about it and apply these time tested principles to your business starting now.

Today, you will have a chance to learn the exact "Change Your Mind" strategies that I employed many years ago and have used with extreme success on every business I've started since that time.

Here's exactly what you are about to learn
that will allow anyone in any business to turn
it from a guaranteed failure to an
"overnight" success.

First of all, I've been there. I was over $62,000 in debt and on top of that had over $2,000 in negative monthly cash flow as a result of my business ventures . . . or should I say "adventures".

The good news is that I learned why I failed and why I don't have to do it again . . . and neither do you - ever

What if you knew . . .

  • The steps to go beyond "feeling" successful and finally "being" successful starting right now
  • How to create the environment that guarantees you a prosperous future. And remember, your product or "offer" has very little to do with your future success
  • The steps to take EVERY DAY that will put you on a successful path. And even better than that, these steps can be applied to each and every member of your team which will leverage your power and strengthen your business' foundation.
  • Applying (the right way) a simple but powerful technique called the "Pygmalion Effect" in order to create a self fulfilling prophecy in your business life. In other words, you can actually succeed before you even get started if you put this principle in motion for you and your team
  • The three steps that EVERY leader uses and you can too. When these steps are installed as the foundation of your business you will become infectious and customers and other network marketers will actually seek you. By the way, that means "no selling" in case I was being ambiguous
There is no doubt that the principles
you will learn will "change your brain"
about how business should be
done from this point on.

Within each page I will cover every element that I have found to create almost instant success in every business you ever start. Or, any business you are still trying to turn into a success.

As you read each page you will have at least seven "a ha!" moments followed by a three step plan for every chapter. That means at the close of each chapter you will add three more practical steps that you will employ into your business immediately and put it on the path to success

Remember it doesn't matter what your product is or which company you work with. It doesn't matter if you have an online or offline business because these principles and the plan you will create applies for any situation where you are trying to work for yourself and do it successfully.

Before you go further let me read your
mind and answer your most burning questions

1. Josh, is this some kind of "feel good" program that just tells you to think positive thoughts and it will all work out?
Answer: Absolutely not. It's true that you will be introduced to principles that will change your habits and thus your mind but this course is not about "feeling", it's about "being" the type of person that your team needs every day.

2. Is this book just the "hook" only to result in me having to purchase hundreds of dollars of "add on" instructions and CD's?
Absolutely not. You get it all and you get the truth. I leave nothing to the imagination.

3. Josh, do you have this in the form of an e-book?
Absolutely! This book will be delivered straight to your e-mail account 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. You NEED this information and you will get it INSTANTLY.

Remember, this is my "play book". This is how I turned every business failure (there were six of them by the way) and created a "point and shoot" success strategies that can be applied by anyone on any business they wish.

The greatest part is that what you are about to learn will live with you forever. There is no MLM or network marketing company that can take this away from you. That means you have the options and in negotiation, options equal power. So, you get to drive "your" car instead of the car of your MLM company. And, if you feel you are not being treated fairly and paid by them accordingly you can take your ball and go home knowing that you will continue to make money and be prosperous without them.

And folks, that's the definition of freedom in the business world. The ability to make money when you want, where you want and as much as you want. Relying on no one but you to put the steps of success in motion!

Forget about spending $500 or even $5,000
on courses that just tell you the same thing
that your "upline" or "friend" has said . . .

You need to finally be told the truth that all successful leaders know and, quite honestly, I could easily charge those same high prices for the course because in the days of "instant gratification" I know somebody would buy it.

But I'm not going to do that because my goal is to impart valuable information to those who need it.

So, I'm going to make you an offer that has so much that if you pass it up you are obviously not interested in being a success and working for yourself.

Ready for the offer?

You get the book for FREE because you were sent here by a member of my team and they feel as if this book will change your life as it has theirs.

Click Here to instantly get your copy of this mind altering book and let me know how it works for you!

Josh Rider